Nominating Committee Responsibilities

  1. Representation
    1. This committee consists of five persons, and the immediate past President serves as the Chair. Four members are elected by the membership to serve. The current MNRS President serves as the Board Liaison to the Committee.
    2. The chair and the elected committee members serve a two-year term with two of the elected members rotating off the committee each year.
  2. Committee Responsibilities and Duties
    1. It is the responsibility of the committee to secure candidates for the ballot and present a slate of qualified, acceptable candidates to the board for approval and to the membership for a vote.
    2. The committee members shall consider the specific discussions related to potential nominees to be confidential. Committee members are prohibited from disclosing potential and final nominees to the membership.
    3. The committee will conduct its business via meetings, conference calls, email, mail or fax as deemed necessary by the committee chair.
    4. Copies of all committee action notes, minutes and final correspondence to potential nominees will be forwarded to and retained at the MNRS office. All such documents or communications are strictly confidential.
  3. Committee Chair Responsibilities and Duties
    1. Review the policies and procedures of the nominating committee with the committee members and staff and insure that all activities of the committee are in compliance.
    2. Work with staff to develop a calendar to include:
      1. Final postmark date for receipt of nomination forms.
      2. Deadline for distributing all potential nominee information to committee members.
      3. Date of conference call or meeting to select slate of nominees.
      4. Date to present slate of candidates to board for approval.
      5. Deadline for notification of candidates of final ballot via phone.
      6. Deadlines for mailing, receiving, and counting ballots.
      7. Deadline for notifying all candidates of the election results via phone.
    3. Schedule and coordinate with staff the date of the conference call for the selection of nominees.
    4. Ensure all potential nominees are notified of final ballot via phone, and all candidates on the ballot of elections results via phone.
    5. Preside at all nominating committee meetings, insuring that a ballot is prepared in accordance with the nominating committee procedures. The ballot will include at least two candidates for each position.
    6. Refer names of individuals not selected for the ballot to the president-elect for consideration for committees.
    7. Present the election results to the membership at the Annual Conference.
  4. Committee Member Responsibilities
    1. Committee members will recruit potential candidates by calling research section chairs and other interested members to encourage interest in leadership.
    2. Committee members will participate in the nominating committee conference call to select the slate of candidates for presentation to the board.
  5. Candidate Recruitment and Selection
    1. Candidate solicitation shall begin with a Call for Nominations published on the MNRS website in September. A reminder email notification will be sent two weeks prior to the deadline. The nominating committee will actively recruit potential nominees during this time.
    2. The nomination forms will be returned directly to the MNRS office by the specified date.
    3. Meetings and procedures will be carried out according to the time frames established by the committee chair.
    4. The committee will review and discuss potential nominees for each office. After thorough review and discussion, the ballot shall be prepared for board approval via e-mail in December.
      1. Screening guidelines, to be considered at the time of the nominating committee ballot preparation, will include validation of eligibility.
      2. Potential nominees not chosen for the office for which they were nominated may be considered for an alternate position with the nominee’s approval.
    5. Staff will prepare a report of the recommended slate of candidates for presentation to the board. The committee chair will ensure all candidates are notified as to the final ballot.
  6. Staff Responsibilities
    1. Work with the committee chair to develop a nominating committee timeline.
    2. Place the Call for Nominations on the website in September. A reminder email will be sent two weeks prior to the deadline.
    3. Verify eligibility of potential candidates.
    4. Send list of nominations received to committee chair on a weekly basis.
    5. Distribute a final list of potential nominees to committee chair and members.
    6. Notify committee members of conference call(s).
    7. Upon approval of the slate by the board, distribute ballots to all voting members of MNRS.
    8. Coordinate the tabulation of the ballots.
  7. Ballot and Elections
    1. A ballot containing the slate of candidates will be emailed to all eligible members for voting not less than sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting.
    2. For any members requesting a mailed ballot, the same procedure in #1 will be followed.
    3. Provisions shall be made on the ballot for write-ins. If elected, the write-in must meet the criteria for that position.
    4. Ballots shall be returned to MNRS by mail or email. In order for the ballots to be valid, if returned via mail, they must be postmarked no later than the published date, or received via email by the deadline.
    5. Candidates shall be elected by plurality of votes cast.
    6. Staff will notify the committee chair and president of the election results. Once the candidates have been notified of the election results, staff will announce the results to the remainder of the board.
    7. The committee chair will notify the committee members of the election results.
    8. The committee chair will ensure that the candidates are notified of the election results via phone. If for any reason the committee chair is not able to notify the candidates the president or designate will do so.
    9. The ballots shall be retained in the MNRS office for a period of one year and then destroyed.
  8. Nominating Criteria
    1. All potential nominees must be active members in good standing.
    2. Nominating Committee members will consider the following when preparing the slate of candidates for the Board of Directors and the nominating committee:
      1. Overall geographical representation of current members
      2. Continuity versus turnover
      3. Diversity
    3. The candidates for President-Elect shall have previously served on the Board of Directors.
    4. Two or more candidates shall be selected for each position, with the provision for write-in candidates.
    5. Members of the nominating committee may not be considered as potential nominees for an office during their tenure.
    6. The prepared ballot shall represent the majority vote of the committee.