MNRS Student Poster Winners

2017 Student Poster Award Winners



  • 1st - Alyssa Peterson; University of Oklahoma College of Nursing; Reminiscence Therapy to Improve Depressive Symptoms and Low Self-esteem in Older Adults
  • 2nd - Mariana Perez; Calvin College; A Review of Factors Contributing to High Attrition Rates in Home Visit Interventions with Women
  • 3rd - Alexandra Riley; Hope College; No Pass Zone in Nursing and Call Light Response
  • Honorable Mention - Larissa Furger; University of Wisconsin Eau Claire; Nurse Practitioner's Use of Standardized Nursing Language: A Literature Review


  • 1st - Lisa Bailey; University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; Cognitive Effects of Chemotherapy on the Aging Woman
  • 2nd - Amy Hoberg; University of North Dakota; Importance of Effective and Accessible Online Education in Chronic Disease
  • 3rd - Jaclyn Hayden; University of Louisville; Predicting Grief Intensity after Perinatal Loss
  • Honorable Mention - Stefanie Davis; Eastern Michigan University; The Effects of Sodium Restriction on Heart Failure Patients: An Integrative Research Review 


  • 1st - Clara Edwards - University of Oklahoma, Health Science Center - Accessing Dysphagia in Older Adults
  • 2nd - Hossam Alhawatmeh - Kent State University - Effects of Abbreviated Progressive Muscle Relaxation on Stress in Jordanian Nursing Students
  • 3rd - Kristen Myers - University of Missouri - Kansas City - Predictors of Maternal Vaccination in the United States: An Integrative Review of Literature
  • Honorable Mention - Norma Hennen - University of Oklahoma, Health Science Center - Coercive Control and Suicide Risk: What is Known?


  • 1st - Elizabeth Carlson - South Dakota State University - Using Personal Resilience™ Techniques to Reduce Anxiety in University Students
  • 2nd - Leann McLaughlin - University of Missouri - Improving intimate partner violence detection in the primary care setting: review of the literature
  • 3rd - Kari Erickson - University of Minnesota - Supplemental Oxygen Quality Improvement Process
  • Honorable Mention - Cynthia Isabell - Madonna University - Teaching to the Affective Domain: An end-of-life Simulation