Would You Like New Teaching Tools? MNRS Can Help!

Have you ever wondered how you can provide an array of excellent role models of nurse researchers and clinical scholars to both your undergraduate and graduate students?  MNRS has the answer. The Midwest Nursing Research Society Foundation provided grants to support their research. Your students will see an actual student they can identify with talk about her research study and its potential for contributing to nursing science. Further, graduate students will be excited to hear that student researchers can apply for funds to conduct their research. What pride and satisfaction a student experiences upon receiving
that first research grant!

The four nurse researchers who received Seed Grants describe the trajectory of their research studies, providing real-life models of development of programs of research. Each of these individuals shares with viewers how Seed Grants enabled publications, grant applications, and subsequent funding.

In these videos, Dr. Sally Lusk, Past President of The Midwest Nursing Research Society Foundation, conducts the interviews. Each interviewee models clinical scholarship at its best. Videos focus on a wide array of research topics.

(1) Self-concept disturbances and alcohol use in urban youth
(2) The impact of gestational diabetes and depression on maternal child outcomes
(3) Physical activity in childhood cancer
(4) Nursing home placements in Alzheimer’s Disease
(5) Fatigue in low-income women.

After viewing the videos, undergraduate students will be able to describe various areas of nursing science and discuss the importance of these areas of science to evidence-based practice. Graduate students will be inspired to submit applications for support of their dissertation research. And, they will also become aware of the availability of MNRS Seed Grants for their postdoctoral research. Don’t let your students miss out on these important videos. Please join other faculty who are already using these videos in their classes to generate interest in and enthusiasm for nursing research. It is only as we spread the word about the importance of nursing research in the professional lives of every nurse that we will fulfill our important responsibility as educators to integrate nursing research into all levels of nursing education and all areas of nursing practice. 

The Midwest Nursing Research Society Foundation welcomes your feedback on the videos and suggestions regarding  other videos you would like to see developed. Please provide feedback to Dr. Kitty Buckwalter,  President of The Midwest Nursing Research Society Foundation, at kathleen-buckwalter@uiowa.edu