Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

Research Interest Groups (RIGs) 

Be part of a community of people who share your interests in nursing science.  Click on the RIG links below to learn more about their purpose, goals, awards*, group leaders, Listserv's, and their LinkedIn page.

*RIG Awards - Not every RIG offers an award; it varies year to year.

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                             Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

Acute & Critical-Care Across The Life Span

Symptom Science (formerly Pain and Symptom Management)

Adolescent Health  

Palliative & End of Life Care

Translational Science (formerly CTSA) 


Decision Making

Physiology, Behavior, Genomics & Society 

Family Health

Public Health

Gerontological Nursing Science

Qualitative Methods 

Health of Diverse Populations

Self Care 

Health Promoting Behaviors Across the Lifespan    

Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships

Health Systems, Policy & Informatics

Women’s Health and Childbearing (formerly Women's Health and Transitions in Childbearing)

Nursing Education 

(GS) = Presenting Guaranteed Symposium 2018
(CS) = Presenting Competitive Symposium 2018


Have a RIG question?  Please reach out to Shannon Gillespie at

Each RIG has it's own Listserv and LinkedIn page.  

The difference between a Listserv and LinkedIn is that you must open the LinkedIn web page to view posts -- whereas information posted to a listserv comes directly to a persons email account.

A Listserv is similar to a "group" email. When something is sent to the Listserv address, it is received by all subscribers assigned to the listserv. New and renewing members who choose to volunteer on a RIG will automatically be subscribed to the RIG's Listserv by Staff. Those who do not renew their dues with automatically be unsubscribed. The Listserv subscribers are updated weekly so it is always current.  Click any of the above RIG's to find the Listserv for that RIG.

LinkedIn is website that allows you to post information and thoughts that only subscribers (or other members of your RIG) can view.  Click any of the above RIG's to find the LinkedIn page for that RIG.  Click the link and click the "JOIN" button on the top right.


2017 2018 2019
Acute & Critical Care Health Promoting Behaviors Across the Lifespan Adolescent Health
Translational Science Palliative and End of Life Care Decision Making 
Family Section Physiology Behavior Genomics & Society Health of Diverse Populations
Gerontological Nursing Science

Public Health

Health Systems Policy and Informatics
Nursing Education Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships Pediatric
Pain and Sympton Management Women's Health Transitions in Childbearing Qualitative Methods