RIG Frequently Asked Questions


Am I signed up for a RIG?
Log into the Member's Only area of the website with your designated user name and password, and click "My Membership" on the left hand side.

Who else is in my RIG?
To see who else is volunteering on your RIG, simply sign onto the website, click "Directory" on the left-hand side, choose your RIG, scroll down and click "Query" on the bottom. Please be patient as this may take a couple of minutes to pull this information.

What is the difference between a Research Section and a RIG?
RIG stands for Research Interest Group and is commonly used verbally when discussing Research Sections; They are one in the same.

Do I have to join a RIG to be an MNRS member?
No. RIGs are optional.

What if I am not part of a RIG and want to join?
To join a RIG simply complete the sign-up form. This may be mailed or faxed back to the office.  If you are renewing your membership, this will be available electronically.

How much is it to join a RIG?
The first RIG is complementary with your membership. Any additional RIGs are $10 each.

How long are RIG memberships?
RIGs are tied to your membership period. You will need to renew your RIG annually when you renew your MNRS Membership. This will be one of the options when renewing online.

How do I know if I am on a listserv?
You will receive an email message when you have been added to the list. Listservs are updated twice a month as this is a manual process.

What is a listserv?
Per Wikipedia, a listserv is an electronic mailing list software application, allowing a sender to send one email to the list, and then transparently sending it on to the [email] addresses of the subscribers to the list.

How do you use a listserv?
You will receive a message via email with instructions on how to send messages to the listserv and how to view the archives. Please check your spam folder if you do not see this message in your inbox after one month of signing up for your RIG.

What can I use the listserv for?
The listserv is a RIGs main communication tool. Members may use the listserv to collaborate on research, announce awards, or solicit any RIG related item. The listserv will be monitored by Staff. Any non-RIG related message may be rejected at the discretion of MNRS Staff.

Can you publish your Research Briefs on the website?
Due to copyright issues, you may not host your research on the MNRS website, but you may outline the work being done. MNRS RIG Snapshots can be posted to the website to outline research being done by members of your RIG.

How frequent are Guaranteed Research Symposium?
RIGs are rotated on a 3 year basis for guaranteed symposium. A symposium may be co-sponsored by two or more RIGs. The full schedule can be found on page 7 of the RIG Handbook.

Are there any other options for symposium if it is not my section's scheduled year?
In addition to Guaranteed Symposia, all members have the option to submit a competitive symposium. More details on page 9 of the RIG Handbook.

Can we have a conference call?
Only RIGs that have guaranteed symposium in a given year are allowed conference calls. These RIGs are allotted 2 conference calls per year. Scheduling calls will be the Chair’s responsibility. MNRS Staff should be notified of the call date and time two weeks prior the call. Staff will provide a call in number and code.

If you have an additional question, please send it to info@mnrs.org