Volunteer as an Expert Grant/Manuscript Reviewer

Attn: Regular and Retired Members of MNRS


Based on a suggestion from a member, the MNRS Foundation has initiated a service that will raise funds for the MNRS Grants program. We have developed an roster of experts who have agreed to do one pre-submission grant review and/or one manuscript review per year with the payment for this service to be made directly to the MNRS Foundation. Please consider if you could agree to provide this service to help raise funds for MNRS grants to our members.

How to become a reviewer:

  1. Complete and forward to the MNRS office this application form noting your areas of expertise.
  2. You will then be added to a roster of available experts which is posted on our website and advertised in MNRS materials.
  3. When you are contacted about providing this service, indicate if you are available and agree on an amount to be paid to the MNRS Foundation.
  4. After you notify the MNRS office of your provision of services, the office will invoice the person or entity obtaining your services to obtain payment. You will not be responsible for any income tax liability for this payment.
  5. You will receive credit for the donation to the MNRS Foundation and you can use it as a tax deduction.

We hope you will be willing to give your time to make this program a success and raise funds to support the MNRS Dissertation and Seed Grants program. An additional benefit of this program will be the availability of a roster of members and their expertise that can be used by others to identify and contact potential consultants or mentors.

It is the willingness of our senior scientists to contribute their time and expertise that has made MNRS the premier nursing research organization. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have questions or would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact info@mnrs.org.